Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Importance of Safety Planning

It's not easy to leave an abusive relationship, for so many reasons. And even once the decision is made to leave, it can be very dangerous. The advocates at the Alliance Against Family Violence are trained to help with safety planning in domestic violence situations. We can help create a personalized plan that may save a life.

Each person's situation is unique, and the challenges and danger level of each situation must be considered when making a plan to leave an abuser. The AAFV can help survivors of abuse connect with resources in the community to help them prepare. Whether it's a financial issue, a safe haven, community support, a childcare issue, or emergency shelter, it's important to know where to seek the assistance that will guide a survivor down the path to freedom from fear and violence.

The link below is an example of a personalized safety plan that can be printed out and completed by anyone who is thinking about leaving a potentially dangerous situation. It's important to keep safety plans confidential and in a safe, hidden place. Though it may be impossible to control the abuser's actions, it's possible to plan how to respond...hopefully before a situation becomes lethal.


Here is a flow chart of a basic safety plan:

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