Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Breah's Gift

Breah Miller is a young girl with a big heart. When she turned ten a few weeks ago, Breah decided to transform the occasion into a charitable event. She invited all her friends to her birthday party, but instead of gifts, Breah asked her guests to provide donations for the AAFV shelter based on the needs list on our website.

Brett Miller, Breah's dad, explained: "We, as a family, have always been supporters of The Alliance, CASA, and various food pantries. Even at a young age, our kids were aware of their daily blessings as well as the plight of others less fortunate."

The Millers rented out the skating center for a big party to celebrate Breah and her twin brother, Brogan.  According to Mr. Miller, "We rent out the entire skating center so the only people there are their friends. They are allowed to invite as many people as they want, and their invite lists get very long!"

Breah and Brogan wanted to use the opportunity to give back to their community and help people in need. Their intent was to raise awareness to some of the hardships that many are going through by encouraging their friends to help with their philanthropic effort. "Brogan collected two shopping carts full of food for the Leavenworth Mission and Food Pantry. Breah chose to collect toiletries and cleaning supplies for the Alliance," Mr. Miller said.
When we asked why Breah chose the AAFV, she explained, “I wanted to donate there because I wanted to help women in need and their kids."

The AAFV staff members were very touched by Breah's thoughtfulness and wanted to share her story with everyone. We are so thankful for those in our community who back our mission to help survivors of violence. When a person as young as Breah raises awareness for those in need, it is a beautiful example of the hope we have for our future generation. We extend our thanks to Breah and her awesome family and friends for their goodwill and support!

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